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Proud Recipient of

$15,000 from the

Tony Hawk Foundation!

The Palouse Skatepark is open

Terms of use are posted on location

No bikes allowed

The Palouse Skatepark includes a pool-like bowl, a flowing plaza-like transitional area between elevations, and an occasional multi-use, skate-able amphitheater with an outdoor stage and seating for 80+ people. 


*Spring 2017 construction efforts saw the inclusion of  building of an open, smaller "koi pond" bowl pocket to the East of the large bowl, and completion of the far East corner of the skate park.


Did You Know?

- An art wall is located on the street side of the skate bowl and a mural was painted by local area artist, Karen Rohn. This welcome addition to the Palouse Skatepark was done in collaboration with the Palouse Arts Council. 

- There will be a picnic & seating area beside the large skate bowl. ADA Accessible tables, benches, a BBQ grill, water access and trash cans will be installed.

- Palouse Skatepark, Inc. is overseeing the construction of both the skate park & Tony Kettel Skate Gardens, and is a 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization.

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