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Let's build a staircase!

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Because transformations don't just require money...


Did you know that the Palouse Skatepark has been an ongoing project for 17 years now? Loads of sweat equity from local organizations and community volunteers has contributed to this project's ongoing success!


To date, over 7,000 hours have been given toward the skatepark project efforts, and over 2,200 hours have been given for the Skate Gardens! Would you like to join this dedicated group of volunteers?


Contact us today by clicking the button below to add your name to our growing list of folks who are wanting to be a part of this amazing project!


Developing Our Land Gift:


 Palouse Skatepark, Inc. has raised $121,000 over 17 years toward the skatepark build and more recently, the Tony Kettel Skate Gardens.


Tony Kettel Skate Gardens

       The gardens will come to life through phased development. Our group is actively working to plant designated areas in the garden space, and will design and fundraise to construct a staircase into the gardens from the lower Palouse Skatepark level. There is

 currently a gap in the fencing at the Skate Gardens for this access point.

 Click here to view info on Gardens Page!



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